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Sydney will be transformed into a vibrant stage for exotic food, art, culture, music, travel, lifestyle and entertainment filled with continuous energetic centre stage live performances. The ASIA LIVE.

In a sense of community, ASIA LIVE promotes the dynamic city of Sydney, its vibrant and young residents and celebrates the extravagant talents of Sydney-based cultural and modern youth performers while still preserving the rich and diverse Asian culture.

Unique from any other multicultural festivals in Australia, ASIA LIVE conglomerates all Asian ethnic backgrounds. Visitors are able to enjoy the diversity of foods and cultural beauties of many origins include China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, East Timor, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Mongolia, Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. All under one event.

ASIA LIVE is supported by various governmental and community organisations for the promotion of Asian Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Tourism, Trade, Sports, Arts and Culture in Australia. Through Asia Live event, its marketing and commercial programs, it maintains harmonious relationships and creates linkage that further develops positive opportunities between Asian countries and Australia.

ASIA LIVE reaches and targets the general population of Sydney residents of all ethnicities.

The event appeals to mainstream audiences, international visitors/ tourists and attracts people/ families who live in greater Sydney and interstate. Having a mind to spend and a lifestyle to maintain, the visitors represent the concentrated population 16+ age group AB socio economic.

The Organiser

Asia Live is produced, marketed and managed by Bespoke Group with collaboration by various governmental and commercial stakeholders. The group with its subsidiary entities have established itself as Australasia’s leading marketing , communications and event producer since 1996. It has established history with the production of various consumer events in Asia Pacific region includes Street Food Live, Milk N’ Sugar, Auto Salon, Game 1 Electronic Gaming Expo, Fashion Showcase and Model Awards which have attracted over 40,000 attendees  per event.

With growing popularity of food culture in Australia, especially in Sydney combined with network of relationships with numerous hospitality and dining establishments, Bespoke initiates the event to further introduce and share to the Australian community, the diversity of culinary flavours and cultural offerings Sydney has to offer.

Backed by 14 years of event marketing experience, numerous promotional activities across various media platform include print, digital, mobile, broadcast and community support from local businesses and media organisations, Bespoke together with continual support from Councils, Governmental institutions, community producers, partners and sponsors look towards the success and the growth of the Asia Live event nationally.

Bespoke is committed to environmental sustainability as well as ensuring the events to continually enhance the environment, social and economic benefits of Sydney and to promote Australia to the rest of the world.

About / vendors


Asia Live offers a unique marketing and ideal promotional opportunities for companies, businesses and organisations to expose their brands to thousands of lucrative affluent consumers while simultaneously achieving direct return on investments and extensively promoting brands and businesses through its pre, at and post-event communications and promotional programs across multiple marketing and media platforms.

 Various levels of partnerships, sponsorships and festival participations are available.


Various Strategic and Supporting partnership programs are available for    both governmental and commercial organisations to participate in support of the event.

+ Sponsorships

Various levels of Sponsorships are available including Title/ Naming Rights, Presenting, Gold and Silver Sponsorships.

+ Media Partnerships

 The program is an active initiative to align your media brands with the event whilst promoting direct commercial returns and incentive benefits for your clients.

+ Exhibitors

Each exhibitor has the ability to sell products on each fete stall stand and make direct return of investment. There are various trade participation packages & promotional opportunities available.

+ Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

 Asia Live offers exposure for businesses through various media platform:

             – Asia Live Passport – Print advertising in 20,000 booklets

             – Asia Live Website & Social Media – Advertising banners & promotions

             – Asia Live TV – Social Media Broadcast

+ Volunteer

By being volunteer you may be taking part as our official team at events and other activities throughout the year or simply helping us with whatever tasks required at times.

The Community

Asia Live and through its charity partner and community support program initiated by Bespoke, will proudly support the Starlight Foundation and National Breast Cancer Foundation and continuously pushing its boundaries and mission to establish awareness and to give return to these beneficiaries which extensively exposed through the event marketing, media and promotional activities.

Within the framework of the corporate and community responsibility strategy defined by Bespoke, we focus on the communities around the group. We concentrate efforts to better identify specific priority needs in every place where the group operates. Through the priority areas of activity: Education, Health, Safety and Social Promotion, Bespoke strives to ensure the economic wellbeing of these communities. It favours projects that become self-sustainable after initial support, in order to reach a maximum number of beneficiaries.

Our social strategy is to set up projects to maximize the potential of each community, respecting their specific needs and empowering local resources. We promote entrepreneurship in the communities by helping people to develop their own talents. This is the surest way to enhance quality of life and to make a sustainable contribution to ongoing development.

Bespoke also initiate programs, utilizes its networks of contacts, its activities, its business repertoires and its media platform and relations to make awareness of its supporting foundation/ charity partners. Through Asia Live, this initiative and support program will further be exposed.

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